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We are a committed team of professionals in North Augusta, SC, who promise to care for you like our very own family. We serve patients in Augusta, North Augusta, Aiken, and all of the CSRA. We will strive each day to live up to the words of the Lord Jesus, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This is our promise to you and your family.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE MAY 29: Next phase of moving back toward normal office flow

The statistics for Covid-19 are much more reassuring now than the initial numbers were in early March. The steps we took then were based upon the data at that time. As the data has grown, the news has continued to be reassuring. At this point in time, the overall case fatality rate for Covid-19 appears to be similar to a bad influenza season. In addition, we have even more certainty this virus poses a very low risk of death for the young and healthy. Those at higher risk include those with certain underlying medical problems and those over 60 years of age. So, as of June 2, we will be continuing with our phased approach to return eventually to normal practice.

Those who are at higher risk of death and hospitalization from coronavirus should strongly consider wearing a mask when coming to the office for a visit. This makes good sense to me as your doctor at this point in time.

My staff and I will be wearing masks whenever we have close contact with any sick patients and with any patients at high risk from coronavirus. This also makes sense to me based upon the available data.

We do ask that if you come to the office for a sick visit that you please make every effort to wear a mask during your visit.

Beginning June 2, office flow:

Allergy shot patients will no longer require parking lot waiting times. Allergy shots will no longer be given outside. Allergy shot patients who are not sick will come in the front door and check in at the front desk, wait inside in the spacious waiting room for their shots, receive their shots in the large injection room, wait in the waiting room, and then check out at the front desk and exit the front door.

All well patients (both new patients and established patients) will also come in the front door, check in at the front desk, wait in the waiting room for their visit, have their visit in an exam room, and then check out at the front desk and exit the front door. All well patients will be seen on the forest side hallway, keeping separation from sick patients.

ALL SICK PATIENTS WILL HAVE PARKING LOT WAITING TIME, and will come inside only when called by a nurse, and will enter the side door. All sick patients will be seen in exam rooms on the parking lot side hallway, keeping separation from well patients.

Thank you all again for your patience and kindness as we work through this difficult time together. Please let’s keep one another in our prayers as we continue forward.

Respectfully in Christ,

Dr. Clark

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